Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Blizzard at Bell Creek

One evening during the winter in the early thirties (I was probably about seven years old). It had been snowing off and on all day, and now it was being accompanied by strong winds.
All of us kids went to bed early, I suppose it was so we could stay warm.
Our upper floor (gained by climbing 5 or 6 steps) was where all of the young ones slept. Mom and dad slept in the one downstairs bedroom with the youngest one (baby) ( Betty I think).
Before midnight the blizzard was blowing snow through the eaves and perhaps some of the roof shingles.Anyway, it was snowing on our beds.
Mom and Dad got us all bundled up and away we went to Grampa bells house, about a half mile or so distance.
For us Kids it was truly an adventure because we were all put up in cozy little places to sleep at our Grandpa bell's home.

P.S. Our log cabin home didn't suffer much, just had to wait for the intruder (the sifting snow) to go away 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

                                Crazy Alice
Here is one of my favorite memories that took place during my early teens at our ' Samish Valley' home.
The farm across the road,lay on an upper level which required some effort to get to. But there was a cherry tree in the orchard up there that made the effort worth it.
The cherries from that tree were so sweet and thinking back now, having to 'sneak' up there to get them is probably what gave them their extra 'goodness'.
The farmer and his wife were quite elderly so you'd think 'no problem' sneaking up there after dark.
Not quite! this old couple that owned the farm had a daughter 'Alice" who had just returned from a stay in an asylum.( the reason she was referred to as 'Crazy Alice'.

This too is why we decided to creep up there after dark.
We (several of us boys) were up in the tree stuffing down cherries, when a voice from below said "Hey!  there" throw me down some.
We were all giving our apologies at the same time when she gestured saying "you can have all you want come anytime".
She 'Alice' turned out to be a very nice lady, with no sign of being crazy.

Guess,What?,After the invite to the cherries at any time we wished, they didn't taste any better than the ones from our own orchard.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Remembering the Camping trips

When the the four of us older boys (Jack, Dick, Bob, Jim) were able to navigate the mountain trails
we did a lot of camping . Most of our trips were to the good fishing lakes. The first big trek was with our Dad. we carried every thing on our backs and the loads were not light. It was up along the Canadian border and ended way down in a ravine to a lake that had "land locked" salmon. We feasted on fish like  never again. It was a paradise camp. The trail was miles long and I still today think we were lucky to have not encountered "Big Bears".I will now skip to the Trip that my Dad took us four older boys  on in 1947 . We were all back from our WW11 service and discharged from the Navy (except Jim) he hadn't joined the marines as yet.
We were packed in by a local man with several horses. Again we walked (hiked) all the way to a lake in Canada called "Mirror Lake". what a wonderful time we all had celebrating our being home from the service and all being in one piece.

one of the faded pics show Dad,on the right next Bob. next, Dick and Jim on the left.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Blizzard at Bell creek
One evening during the Winter in the early thirties (I was probably about seven years old) the snow that had been falling all day was being accompanied by some strong winds.
All of us kids went to bed early, probably to keep warm.
Our upper floor(gained by climbing 5 or 6 steps was where all of the young ones slept except the baby who  shared the downstairs bedroom with mom and dad.
Sometime before midnight the blizzard was blowing snow through the eves and some of the roof shakes. Anyway it was snowing on our beds.
dad and mom got us  all bundled up and away we went Grandpa Bells place, about a mile distance.
For Me (and the other siblings) it was an "Adventure" because we were all put in cozy little places to sleep at our Grandpa Bells' place.

P.S. Our log cabin home did not suffer too bad, just had to wait for the visitor (the snow) to go away.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Watching a steam "donkey" being built from the ground up.
While growing up at Bell Creek, I and my two older brothers were able to see a steam donkey (logging) being built from start to finish. I remember that the two men doing the work were friendly and didn't mind us being around.
As near as i can remember the two skids (runners) were logs about 30ft. long and about 3ft. in diameter.
Each end of the logs were tapered up (all by hand) and all with an ax.This enabled it to travel like a sled. The two logs were connected by big planks to support the steam boiler the housing covering the winches that contained the cable. When it was completed, the engine (steam powered) turned the winch (operated by one of the men pulling the cable in (which had been secured to a tree) up the direction they wanted to go.Pulling the cable in caused the sled to go up to the point where the cable was then secured further up the hill, thus the steam donkey would eventually reach the top of the area that they intended to log.

Note:This type of enjoyment for us boys cannot be described by just words. Our (mine) life was filled with treasured happenings that makes me grateful that I have been (above money) wealthy my whole life.
Thanks for enduring me again. I will be back


Friday, April 1, 2016

For what it's worth
A few years ago I read an article about an Asian woman ( don't remember what country) that was diagnosed with cancer. Being very poor and not able to afford medicine, or any kind of treatment, she had to "tough it out by herself".
One night she felt hotter than usual and knew her temperature was extremely high. She went to sleep, with her family worried and expecting the worse as the night passed.
when she awoke the next morning she felt her temperature and sickness was gone.
The cancer never came back, and she, and her family believe that the high temperature must have killed the cancer.
Enter now, Me.
When I was a teen at my Samish Valley home, All of us older boys did a lot of camping and hunting at one of the lakes on Chuckanut Mountain.We all had our rifles and loved the camping and hunting trips.
This one particular time we all decided to go I was "loaded" with a chest cold , head cold, and crappy flu.
I was not too healthy at that moment, but decided I would go anyway.
With backpacks loaded, and with our rifles slung on our backs we were off
We started up the mile or so trail that led to the top of Chuckanut Mountain.Over the last few years we had made this same trip many times. Because of its steepness the trail led a zigzag course and along the way there were certain landmarks that we had given names to. about a third of the way up was a big rock outcropping that we called( the elephants ear) further up was the "long" tressel that we crossed over a deep canyon. along the route too was a tall fir tree that we called the (blue grouse tree) we were "in the last few years" able to "harvest" several "blue" grouse birds usually using a 22 caliber rifle. once one fell from the top of the tree and as soon as it hit the ground the two of us "at that time" rushed over to the spot where it landed but never found the little "sneaker".
Back to my Story:
After an hour of steady hiking, and sweating (especially me this time) we reached the top of the mountain where we usually spent the night at the sight of the old Log camp. One of the buildings was a good shelter for us from cold and weather. 
Guess what ?? 
To put an end to my story, and to get my point across, I realized that i had gotten rid of my chest and head
cold and flu, and felt just great...........Evidently I had sweated it out of my body.

Thanks for reading this.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hawaiian-fish and song story
Our family lived in the town of Bellingham for a few months between the move from Bell Creek to our Country (five acre "shangri-la") ranch in the Samish Valley. 
During the time we lived in Bellingham I was in the 6th grade class at Roeder School. My teacher was a ms. Hoag. Ms. Hoag spent her summer vacations in Hawaii. All of us (her class) were treated to bits of Hawaiian lore and a few songs that she taught us and sang as she played a Ukelele. I still remember parts of the songs. one was: 
(I wanna go back, to my little grass shack
In Kealakekua Hawaii 
Where the Humuhumhnukunukuapua'a
go swimming by.)
In the fall (1936) Ms. Hoag was back and most of her same class (me included) and we were treated to her summer vacation stories. She brought back some "Poi," a staple food in hawaii she told us, we all got to taste it and all I remember i it tasted like "mud". Another rememberance of that great time was Ms. Hoags' Favorite candy bar ( she would get one of us to go across the street to buy one) was a U-no bar.

Now allow me to say "ALOHA"  Thanks for your reading this Blog...Love you